While most photographers wish for the perfect lighting, you’ll find Sune Czajkowski searching the shadows. It is in the shadows the pictures come alive.

World renowned photographer Sune Czajkowski grew up in Denmark and West Africa. It was under the African sun that Sune Czajkowski first ventured out with a camera.

Maybe this is the reason why nature, water and the sun are his greatest source of inspiration. Inspiration he collects during his many travels.

Sune Czajkowski is always hunting for the perfectly cast shadow to give his pictures an edge and that indescribable extra dimension.

Today Sune Czajkowski is a highly-esteemed fashion and beauty photographer throughout the world.

He has had exhibitions in both his home country of Denmark and abroad, winning several awards, among them being “Best Photographer of the year” at Elle Awards.

His focus is fashion, taking pictures for such magazines as Vogue, Elle and GQ, and for brands such as Mont Blanc, Maanesten, Chanel, Net a Porter and Yves Rocher.

While Sune Czajkowski loves his work in fashion he also has a soft spot for art photography. Here, there are no boundaries or limits other than himself.

Many of the art series you will find on this webpage have been brewing in his brain for years before materializing on print.

He creates timeless art that can hang on the wall for the next ten, twenty, fifty years without going out of fashion.  

For Sune Czajkowski the day is a game of shadows, with the world changing minute by minute, hour by hour.

He’ll gladly get up at three in the morning to drive for hours, get the model’s hair and makeup ready and wait,

tired as hell, in the middle of nowhere for the sun to rise.

That one second where light and shadows come together in the perfect moment makes Sune Czajkowski forget everything else.






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